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My work has been covered by major media outlets including Quartz, Thought Catalog, Observer, The Good Men Project, Pocket Hits, The Muse, and The Ladder.

My work reaches a wide range of people. More than 60,000 people have subscribed to my life and career newsletters. My readers include folks who aspire to build better life habits and improve their performance.


My goal is to help you master the best of what other thought pioneers, top performers and behavioural scientists have already figured out.

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    Thomas Oppong

    Hi, my name is Thomas Oppong. I'm the Founder of AllTopStartups, a resource site for small businesses, and the Curator of Postanly, a free weekly digest of the best posts about behavior change that affect health, wealth, and productivity. I have attracted over 130,000 followers on Medium, where I share content on productivity and self-improvement. Most of what I write is written for myself, first and foremost. I’m interested in how to build better habits for life and career success, how to think and make rational decisions, and the balance between technological progress and making the most of the human experience.


  • Life is about solving problems, and every obstacle is the way forward.
  • You are the author of your own life.
  • Make improvements, not excuses.
  • Self-care comes first. If you’re not healthy, it’s tough to be happy.
  • Life is short. Do what brings out the best in you.
  • Question your assumptions at all times.
  • Effort matters more than skill or talent.
  • It pays to create your own certainty.
  • Commitment, resilience, and perseverance will take you far.